New addition to Federal winter series, HIMALAYA ICEO symmetric non-directional studless winter tire is utilizing the latest innovations in the world of winter tire manufacturing. Compounding, construction, tread pattern concept and design ?everything is to ensure driving confidence and tire performance in severe winter condition. The new generation tread compound with silica, thanks to its supplementary ingredient-cellular rubber, provides efficient grip, maintains tires¡¯ elasticity in extremely low ambient temperatures and improve aquaplaning characteristics. With this new compound, ICEO deals effectively with unpredictable winter condition in Nordic, Japanese and Russian market.


1. Enhance ice surface performance- cellular rubber with silica compound and micro-pumps on tread blocks have function of absorbing water film from ice surface, eliminating slippery factor and improving grip.

2. New innovative design of tread sipes - fully 3D zig-zag shaped sipes enhance rigidity of tread blocks and thus help to maintain maximum contact patch and to minimize shape twist of grooves for better water/slush evacuation.

3. Center rib design features empty pitches, with long and narrow following wide and short - improving accelerating traction and reducing noise, and S-shaped sipe to enhance accelerating traction

4. Wide circumferential and lateral grooves designed to evacuate water and slush efficiently

5. Shoulder blocks feature W-shaped micro-grooves which increase responsiveness of tyre while cornering, also being an addition to decorative pattern of shoulder outer wall.

6. 9 different tread block shapes are used to decrease noise.