The main purpose for the development of "Couragia F/X" tire is to suit the need for supporting the 3H of LSUV: High horse power, High center of gravity, and High chassis. Designed in an asymmetric pattern with different functionalities in the inner and outer parts of the tire, this state-of-the-art design delivers the enjoyment of having maneuverability, comfort, and tranquility for the drivers.


1. Four main grooves enhances water dispersion to elevate stability and handling against hydroplaning.

2. Center rib directs on-centered momentum, provides comfort,and decreases tire wear.

3. Large ultra rigid blocks enhance on-road surface contact, deliver outstanding dry grip, and promote steering accuracy.

4. The fine-sliced blocks effectively lower noise level during on-road contact and increase riding comfort.

5. By appropriately crisscrossing patterns, it decreases noise level that is resulted by overlapping patterns.

6. Equipped with interconnected blocks between tire shoulder and blocks, thusprovide a more blanced rigidity; at the same time, less noise, better comfortand overall safety have been enhanced. Uneven wear can also be efficiently controlled with such design.